Walking the deer path

This weekend, we went for another walk around the Heart of England Forest. Part of the route was on the Heart of England Way, a footpath that meanders around the area. In the field you can see in this photo, the footpath goes right up the middle of the ploughed area, and as we walked up it, I spotted trails of deer hoof prints all the way up. Further on, the hoof prints were still there. The deer apparently walk the footpaths too.

That thrilled me: how lovely to think about groups of deer walking the same paths as us (perhaps in the early morning or during the night), seeing the same views as us through different eyes. Imagine being there at night and hearing the soft sounds of their feet on the earth and their breath in the night air?

It struck me when looking at this panoramic photo that this actually might be similar to the way deer would see the same view, with their wide field of view.

But She's A Girl @bsag