Micro.blog 2020 February Photoblogging Challenge

I didn’t get myself organised enough to participate in the November 30 day blogging challenge, so when @macgenie announced the February Photoblogging Challenge, I was determined to give it a go.

I posted my 30th photo today and got my pin, and I’ve really enjoyed participating. February in a northern temperate region is a bit of a challenge for photography, as it is not properly light when I leave for work and nearly dark when I get home. I ended up using a mixture of photos taken on the day and those from my archive. They certainly haven’t always been my best work, and on occasion I had to scrabble around to find something (anything!) relevant to the prompt word, but it has been an enjoyable challenge.

Each day, I went around with the prompt word in my head, looking for things that might fit. As a consequence, I think I have looked at things more this month — and in a more creative way — than I usually do, and that has made it all worthwhile. I’ve also really enjoyed looking at other people’s photos and seeing how they have interpreted the prompts. Thanks to @macgenie and @manton for setting us a fun challenge!

But She's A Girl @bsag