Cleaning the TWSBI Go fountain pen

Over on the main blog, I wrote about my TWSBI Go fountain pen a few months ago. I had almost emptied its fairly substantial ink reserve, so yesterday I cleaned and refilled it. It was as easy as I had hoped.

Squish out the remaining ink by depressing the spring, dunk the nib in some clean water and squish, squish, squish a few times, and — hey presto! — you have one clean pen. Dunk the nib in the ink bottle and squish again (a bit more slowly this time), and you have a full pen.

I love my Lamy 2000 to bits, but my heart sinks every time I’m faced with laboriously turning the piston knob about 3 million times when I need to clean the pen. The Go is stupidly easy to clean and ridiculously fun.

But She's A Girl @bsag