The Circle, 2017 - ★½

Goodness this was a disappointing film. It had a lot of promise, given the subject matter. If there was ever time when a film about a huge social media corporation trying to persuade everyone to abandon the concept of privacy was timely, well, that time is now.

However, the whole film is a mess. It has a good cast, and all the actors do their best in it, but the dialogue they are given is wooden. John Boyega is particularly under-used, and apart from a couple of bits of exposition with Emma Watson’s character, he just gets to stand in the background of shots, tutting in a disappointed way. Plot threads start then just disappear as if they had never existed. The ending is an appalling anti-climax.

This film could have been a taut, highly-relevant conspiracy thriller. It could have been a brilliant satire. As I was watching it, I kept thinking that Charlie Brooker could have made it into a fantastic ‘Black Mirror’ episode that was funny, thought-provoking and horrifying, all at once. This is just a mess - what a wasted opportunity.

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