Coco, 2017 - ★★★★★

I’ve watched this film twice, and it has made me cry twice. The first time was while I was on a plane, and trying to pass off the tears as a reaction to the air conditioning (I don’t think anyone was buying that). The second time was much more private at home, so I didn’t have to pretend that this film was hitting me right in the feels.

Essentially, this is a film about family relationships and memory, wrapped up in the Mexican Día de Muertos traditions. It touches (as many Pixar films do) on some quite deep emotional themes, but retains a light and fun surface so little kids won’t be too traumatised.

Visually it is gorgeous, and there are lots of lovely details. I am not in any way an expert on Mexican culture, but it seemed to me that it was respectful in its depiction. I particularly loved the dog, Dante, and Mama Coco, who says very little but is beautifully characterised. I think this is probably my favourite of the Pixar films since Wall-E.

But She's A Girl @bsag